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Kemwell Fire: WeatherKem cement board

WeatherKem could be a non-combustible metallic element salt fibre cement board, combining weather, wetness and fireplace resistance properties with high impact strength and sound insulation. it's rated as a class A board to SB nut 12467:2012+A2 2018 for applications wherever they'll be subjected to heat, high wetness and severe frost. It is primarily used as associate degree external protection board on each metal and timber structures of all kinds of façade solutions, including; residential, business and industrial buildings, as well as, colleges and hospitals. it's particularly suited to comes wherever fast construction, safety, cleanliness and hygiene area unit of high importance and is additionally ideal to be used in interior areas of high humidness, like swimming pools, spas and wet rooms. WeatherKem Fibre Cement Board is intended specifically to fulfill the complicated and rigorous needs of the building and industry, providing architects, developers, and contractors with ability and performance advantages to modify safe and innovative styles to be simply complete.

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